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A medicine is for one disease only, but green tea is a kind of panacea that can prevent and treat all sorts of ailments. -Zen Master Eisai

Shred Some Pounds

Increase your stamina, endurance, your fat burning abilities, and boost your metabolism all with one cup of matcha before a workout.

Increase Your Longevity

EGCg is a catechin in matcha that combats aging, cancer, diabetes, heart diseas, obesity, glaucoma, depression, and many other ailments.

A Healthy Dose Of Energy

Matcha is the equivalent of 10 cups of green tea. However only a fraction of the caffeine of coffee and none of the negative side effects.

How To Make Cold Brew Green Tea

Cold brewing green tea is definitely a thing that has become more popular this year. For me, I got the idea one day while seeing a bunch of different cold brew coffee products pop up. Especially with a local coffee place that started bottling their own cold brew...
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Green Tea vs Coffee – Who Will Win?

I'm giving a huge shout out to both green tea and coffee. I decided it would be easier to compare the closer competitors instead of matcha green tea. If I were comparing matcha against coffee, it would be like superman vs. batman (I love batman but he'd definitely...
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What is Matcha? – Matcha 101

I get this question from people alot, "what is matcha?" and mainly because they wonder what keeps me going throughout the day since I'm not a big fan of coffee (no offense to the coffee lovers, I actually love making cold brew coffee for others.) So lets take the time...
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The 10 Best Benefits Of Matcha Tea

Dive into the fantastic world of matcha tea benefits. This is the start of your journey toward becoming matcha powered. From boosts of matabolism, mental clarity, calmness, boosts of energy, cancer fighting, and much more. Find out 10 of the best benefits of matcha green tea.

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Why Don’t I Feel Good On Green Tea Supplements?

You may want to rethink using those green tea supplements to help you lose some weight. There are some rising numbers that taking too many supplements can be at a detriment to your health. I can attest to this in my younger years, one of my main goals was to stay...
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Why Should You Try The Matcha Protocol?

I've been doing this matcha thing for quite some time now. So much so, that people ask me about the matcha protocol. It isn't because I talk about it at all hours of the day (you can ask any one of my friends). What pulls people in is seeing me get results. They see...
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Fights foreign invaders

matcha has the highest amount of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). These antioxidants find free radicals in the body and eliminate the harmful effects they have. Thus, protecting the body from inflammation and illness.

Boost your immune system

One could say it supercharges your insides with various antioxidants, polyphenols, EGCG, and L-theanine.

Matchas ORAC value

Its through the roof! Matchas oxygen radical absorbence capabilites sit at 1348 units. The next highest is goji berries at 253 units!

Just one cup

Is the equivalent of drinking 10 cups of brewed green tea in one sitting. It also carries a healthy version of caffeine that is different then coffee. Theophylline sustains your energy without the jitters or the crash.

Detoxifies your blood

Because matcha has plenty of chlorophyll in it helps with alkalizing your body. In this day in age, we eat too many acidic things having this small benefit helps us stay healthy.

EGCG is a warrior of cancer

This is a special class of catechin that has been shown to counter the effects of UV rays, pollution, radiation, and chemicals which reak havok on your cells and DNA. 60% of matcha are these EGCGs so including it in your daily routine might not be such a bad idea.

Its a weight loss super agent

Not only does it boost your metabolism but it can also increase thermogenesis in your body (burn calories) by up to 43% of your daily energy use.

Helps focus and meditation

Monks drink this before meditation sessions. They do it because there is an amino acid called L-theanine which helps in boosting our alpha wave state in our brains. These waves encourage relaxation and mental clarity as well as an alert state of mind. What a combo!

Supercharge your body by becoming matcha powered.

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