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Matcha is a lifestyle

I remembered when I first started drinking matcha, it was at a local cafe where I would sit, drink tea, read books, and meet up with really good friends to have great talks.

I was branching myself out tea wise as there are just so many different kinds of tea, how could one only stick to one? I heard about matcha and was curious about it. I began doing research (which is what I always do when something makes me curious) and found the many different benefits of it. How it helps the immune system fight off free radicals, how it boosts your metabolism, and also how it is used by monks in meditation to keep them calm but also alert. What I saw when I read all about it is that it is the green nectar of the gods.

Being a Zen practitioner and health conscious indvidual, this seemed like a win-win for me so I vowed to make matcha a lifestyle. I learned what it took to make matcha the old fashioned way and also learned what I call the hybrid method which uses a small milk frother to mix the matcha and serve it up nice and hot for myself every morning. It also became a huge request when friends would come over because of my honing skills to make the perfect cup.

Now I’ve created what we consider a matcha protocol that ANYONE can implement into their daily regiment and start boosting their antioxidant level today. I know this because I’ve taken several antioxidant tests where an average number is around 30-40,000. By putting my palm up to this reader, it came out to 64,000 on my first tests. I can attribute a great deal of that to the matcha protocol. 

So that is when it hit me, “Matcha Powered”. Someone who absolutely loves matcha and who makes it a lifestyle. It keeps my body strong and healthy and hell, it also can be used as a weight loss agent. 

Are you matcha powered?