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Cold brewing green tea is definitely a thing that has become more popular this year. For me, I got the idea one day while seeing a bunch of different cold brew coffee products pop up. Especially with a local coffee place that started bottling their own cold brew coffee which I’m sure is phenomenal (I’m not a coffee drinker) but this made me consider my world of tea to incorporate this. If cold brew coffee can be achieved then certainly cold brew green tea can be achieved. So I started in on some research and found some things out.

Cold brewing green tea is different

Well… cold brew ANYTHING is different in respect to cold vs. hot beverages. There is actual science behind this as well. As it turns out when you cold brew green tea, you get a different chemical reaction with the tea leaves over if you were to steep it in hot water. Through the cold brew process it becomes more sweet and smooth and a lot less bitter because you are actually steeping out more catechins and caffeine. So it is healthier from a caffeine respect but less healthy when it comes to the catechins that helps you combat free radicals in the body.

Its a summer time favorite

Its hot outside and if you’re like me then you aren’t looking to heat up a cup of green tea (or matcha) because that goes against the whole thought of “cooling down.” So this is why its one of my favorite summer time drinks. Cold brew green tea also has a different flavor profile then that of a hot brewed green tea. Cold brew tea is also “safer” to brew over say, sun brewed tea. Think about the fact that with sun brewed tea, you’ll have the hot sun, sugar, and water.. the breeding ground of bacteria.

Cold brew green tea is easy to make

In my experience, cold brewing is one of the easiest things you can make. It’s super hands off because you allow it to just let it sit in your refrigerator for 10-12 hours. After that time, you just have to take the leaves out and then you can enjoy it for weeks (if it lasts that long.) If I’m running low on matcha or my matcha love green tea bottles (blend of sencha and matcha), I’ll brew me up a batch to get me through the week to keep up with my matcha protocol. Here are the steps of creating a sweet cold brew green tea treat:

  • You need to grab a cold brew pitcher that has an infuser in it.
  • You’ll need delicious green tea you want to try. (I use Ito-Ens Sencha/Matcha mixture).
  • Add 2-3 TBS worth of your preferred green tea.
  • The long wait: you’ll be waiting about 10-12 hours so preferably starting it 12 hours from when you wake up in the morning.
  • Strain after and then serve it up to yourself or friends. It can last for weeks (although its usually gone in a couple days for me.)

Find your sweet spot

Find out the brew cold brew green tea method that works best for you. There are plenty of different things you can try like time in which you let the green tea sit, adding lemon to infuse it into the water as well, or adding in monk fruit to give it a more subtle sweetness. Cold brew is a journey that one gets to discover new things about the depths of their tea drinking experience. Cold brewing green tea tends to bring out the sweeter notes of the tea and that is what makes it such a unique drinking experience.