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I’ve been doing this matcha thing for quite some time now. So much so, that people ask me about the matcha protocol. It isn’t because I talk about it at all hours of the day (you can ask any one of my friends). What pulls people in is seeing me get results. They see that I’ve got energy throughout the day (even with healing Hashimotos). Also the fact that I can easily stay fit and not to mention getting sick is a foreign concept to me. In fact, even my acupuncturist has asked me about my matcha protocol. She has implemented it AND suggests it to many of her patients. Noticing a remarkable difference in her energy levels she no longer needs to take supplements for it.

So below I want to talk to you about what exactly the matcha protocol is, how, and why it works.

Protein in the morning is important

I say this not because of the phrase, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. I implement this in my morning routine because there is research backing getting up. Tim Ferriss states that  30 grams of protein in the morning shows the best results. It helps boost your metabolism and helps your suppress appetite longer throughout the day. Take it from author of the “4-Hour-Body” Tim Ferriss and his research behind fat loss through experimenting with his father,

The first month, his rate of loss was 17 pounds per month. The second month, when he postponed breakfast, his rate of loss dropped to 5.5 pounds per month. The third month, after consuming 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking, that rate more than tripled to 18.75 pounds per month.

Like in the book, he described that it wasn’t just fat that was being lost but also muscle that was being gained. Even just getting 20 grams of protein is going to help keep you fuller throughout the day. By being fuller longer, we tend to snack less on potential junk food.

Where does matcha green tea fit in?

So this is the matcha part of the matcha protocol. Why not add another element to protein that is also an appetite supressor? In this case its our favorite green tea beverage, matcha. Like you’ve read in my article, The 10 Best Benefits of Matcha Tea, you discovered that matcha has a way of boosting your metabolism from 8-10% all the way up to 35-40%. By drinking matcha before a workout it also increases the thermogensis (rate at burning calories) of your body by up to 25%. This is according to a 1999 study done by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The added benefit besides boosting your metabolism is that it gives you a boost of long lasting energy throughout the day as well. By now, we know that matcha has a very unique type of caffeine that interacts with the L-theanine (a special amino acide) that eases your brain into alpha wave states. This helps relieve anxiety and relaxes you while also giving you focus and mental clarity of mind. This has been a huge staple for meditating monks to help them maintain a calm demeanor and also have a strong mental focus when in meditation.

Combine them to complete the matcha protocol

So here is the easy part. First you want to get yourself some organic japanese matcha which, I usually suggest Matcha Loves Culinary Matcha or Jade Leaf Organic Japenese Matcha. These are both organic Japanese matchas with both practically 5 star ratings. Next we’ll look at the protein I take every morning which is a RAW organic plant based protein. Since I’m not a body builder and am looking more for an overall health benefit, I chose Garden of Lifes RAW Organic Plant Based Protein.

I will take a shake cup of about 8 to 12oz and fill it up 50/50 with water and non-sweetened almond milk (with vanilla). Then I put a scoop of protein in the cup, and 1tspn of matcha and shake it up and drink it. If you drink it over the span of 10-15 minutes, just make sure you shake it before drinking more. If you don’t, you could have some of the protein/matcha settle at the bottom and miss out on some of that matcha goodness.

There is one last thing that I do that I still consider part of my matcha protocol. There is a really great tasting bottled sencha/matcha mix made by Matcha Love that I highly recommend. I buy palettes of these delicious bottles every month. It is overall cheaper to do that then to pay $2.35-$2.50 in the store for just one of them. Most of the flavors are wonderful (and they have no added sugar to them). I would suggest staying away from their coconut blend version… unless you like the taste of well… stomach bile… yuck! Every other version of their matcha is superb though. There bottled sencha/matcha is the closest you’ll get to actual authentic green tea.

*NOTE: If you’re going to buy their matcha can shots, I would pay attention to the ingredients as they do have added sugar AND soy. For males, soy can do a lot of damage to your bodies (especially if you are trying to heal from hashimotos or possibly other auto-immune disease.) Just a word of caution. Now hopefully you have all the tools you need to start implementing the matcha protocol into your daily routine!

One last thing if you’re looking for a sure fire way for energy (not that the matcha protocol doesn’t do the trick), but also try Ashwagandha. Its an adaptogen which balances energy levels out. Word of warning is if you have an underlying health condition, please do research on both matcha (or caffeine) and ashwagandha and make sure that it is alright to take. Also talk to your health physician to make sure it is okay to take. This step is completely optional, now enjoy!