What is an ORAC value

ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity which is a food, spice, or drinks capacity to neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are those things that build up in our body that can cause illness and disease. We know so far that most brightly colored foods (like those delicious strawberries above) have a higher orac value. There are some studies that show that antixodants in foods boost the antioxidant power of the blood. However, antioxidant and orac are different. It’s known that eating a combination of foods with a high orac value results in boosted antioxidant scores.

The orac test was developed by the National Institute of Aging (NIA), a branch off of the National Institute of Health.This is where they gave scores to a long list of fruits, vegetables, and spices. As you can imagine this is helpful when considering which foods to eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although these scores are one piece of the puzzle for a healthy lifestyle, at least you’ll have some ideas of what kinds of foods to stick to.

For example here is a sample of orac scores of some fruits and vegetables (per 100g):

  • Spinach – 1,513
  • Kale – 1,770
  • Broccoli, raw – 1,510
  • Cabbage, boiled – 856
  • Brussels sprouts, raw – 1,330
  • Purple Cauliflower, cooked – 2,210
  • Purple Sweet Potatoes, raw – 2,720
  • Carrots, raw – 697
  • Strawberries, raw – 4,302
  • Goji Berries, raw – 3,290
  • Black Chia Seeds, raw – 9,800
  • Pomegranates, raw – 4,479
  • Wild Blueberries,  raw – 9,621
  • Acai Juice Blend/Bowl  – 1,767
  • Almonds – 4,454

If you would like to look at an extremely comprehensive list of orac values, you can check out super foodly for that.

How does matcha stack up in orac value

Now that we have an idea of what foods have a higher orac value, lets looks at some teas.

  • Black tea, brewed – 1,128
  • Yerba mate tea, brewed – 1,704
  • Green tea, brewed – 1,253
  • Hibiscus tea, brewed – 6,990
  • Rooibos tea, brewed – 610

And their bottled counterparts are all below 1,000 per 100g. So then we move on to matcha green tea because it’s not the same as just any other regular green tea. The orac value of matcha is 1,384… which is what you find on most sites that mention it. Wait a minute…but I thought that was suppose to be higher? Well it actually is A LOT higher considering that number is per gram. So we are actually looking at a score of roughly 138, 400 per 100g of matcha. I know, my mind was blown too once I found out that very same fact. So we’ll just say that it might be beneficial for you to start the matcha protocol today.