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I’m Nick Myers, creator of Matcha Powered. If you’re new to matcha and want to know more about it, find great recipes, see reviews of different matchas, and want to start your matcha powered journey, then you’ve come to the right place. You have a genuine interest in becoming healthier, thinner, and being more productive in your every day life. If you’re wanting any of these things, then its my joy to help share how you can reach those goals and lifestyle.

I know what its like to get lost in everyday fast paced life. Feeling tired too early in the day, getting no results from exercising, and having no focus. Even while battling thyroid disease, I was seeing beneficial results in my health . Matcha was giving me the strength, focus, wakefulness, and better abilities to detox my body. I want to be able to help you find the healthy lifestyle that you want through being matcha powered.

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Top 5 Best Posts To Get You Started.

Now I want to offer you some quality content to get you started on your matcha powered journey. These top five articles will help you establish not just matcha knowledge but also how matcha benefits you.


The 10 Best Benefits of Matcha Tea

There are so many benefits to matcha that there should be no reason to not make it part of your morning routine. To name a few it covers metabolism boosting, focus, stress relieving, suppresses appetite, and combats a plethora of diseases. The longevity upsides to this powder alone should have you drinking this green nectar of the gods every chance you get.

Matcha Buyers Guide

This is a great place to start if you have decided that you want to radically change your health and life and start investing in matcha, the green nectar of the gods. This buyers guide has recommendations from what kind of matcha that I suggest to the essential tools that you’ll need to get up and making your own matcha lattes in no time.

Why Should You Try The Matcha Protocol

This is a useful article on the benefits of matcha mixed with protein to give you the ability to shed pounds faster. There is proof to back up that even just getting 20g of protein a day can help you lose weight. Then add matchas weight loss abilities, and you’ve got yourself a pound shedding protocol. 

What is Matcha? – Matcha 101

Matchas begin origins start out in China, but something beautiful happened. A Zen master who went by the name of Myōan Eisai brought back tea leaves to cultivate in japan. We look into where it all started, and what exactly makes matcha what it is today.

Matcha Grade – What Are The Differences?

Believe it or not, there are different types of matcha which are harvested from different parts of the plant. These make up the different grades which are then used for different purposes. If you want to learn more about the each different matcha grade, then this is the article for you.